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What Can Aluminum Pallets Be Used For?

Selecting the correct materials for a storage or shipping container is important in preserving the items that will be placed in the containers. Container Exchanger offers a variety of high quality and durable containers that will safely and efficiently store or ship your products before arriving at market. Metal containers are necessary for certain products, such as pharmaceuticals, meat, and other products that can be affected by heat, light, or other environmental factors. Plastic containers can’t be used for these types of products, as heat and light would travel through the plastic and have a negative or corrosive effect on the products inside.Metal Pallet
Container Exchanger carries new, used, and refurbished stainless steel pallets, steel pallets, and aluminum pallets that fit the requirements for a variety of storage and shipping needs. Aluminum Pallets and Stainless Steel Pallets offer particular versatility, in that they can be fully welded and are heat and light resistant, perfect for pharmaceutical applications, meat packaging, or food processing. Aluminum Pallets are also non-ferrous and can be used for items with magnetic needs. All pallets come with full or partial runners and come in a variety of sizes to meet any storage or shipping need. You can search for pallets based on size, with an option for “other” if the size you need isn’t listed, and you can also search based on the history of the container (new, used, or refurbished).
In addition to their versatility, aluminum pallets are also light and durable, which keeps products safe while cutting down on shipping costs. Plastic containers tend to break down due to environmental factors, but aluminum and other metal containers last much longer.

Why Use Food Grade Totes?

Food grade totes are used in the manufacturing and transport of mass produced foods. The totes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the purpose of the industry using them. Food totes are generally stackable to make storage and shipping easier. Totes that are used for baked goods are generally vented and have very smooth surfaces to prevent the plastic bags the food is packaged in from snagging. The FDA has stringent requirements, so food totes are made from virgin materials that can tolerate heavy industrial machinery.

Types of food totes

Bakery TrayPlastic Stacking Totes
These are generally used for the storage or shipping of specialized products and food. They are usually vented and come in a variety of sizes including 15x12x4, 48x15x11 and 24x15x14. These vented bins are stackable and straight walled containers that are suited to plastic parts and small assemblies as well as food.


Nesting TotesS-n Tote-2
These are often used in manufacturing projects in progress. These are solid totes that can store many kinds of products and work well on conveyors. They also rarely contain internal dunnage, so they stack very well together. Most of the time, these types of nesting totes are made of HDPE, which is an extremely strong material that allows the totes to last for several years. They frequently come in sized 28x18x10 and 24x20x8.


Organizer BinOrganizer bins
These are industrial grade and heavy duty. Most of them open in the front and have optional dividers. Generally, most of them will be stackable on each other and can be used on shelving units and carts to help optimize storage space. These bins are made from high quality materials that don’t crack easily under normal usage. Common sizes for this type of bin include 10x6x4, 18x16x1 2 and 12x7x4. They also come in a variety of colors that make sorting products easy.